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The site is an INCTR-wide compilation of Faculty Members and INCTR Projects. It is intended to ensure that all INCTR Faculty members have access to descriptions of ongoing projects and are able to communicate more readily through the provision of contact information (only available to members of the site). iPath and OERC (Open Educational Resources for Cancer) are given separate pages because these are projects to which Faculty Members may contribute educational materials of their own, which are not necessarily connected to INCTR projects.

Register as an INCTR Faculty Member/Add a Project/Add a meeting

1. "Click on "Add New Member, Project, Meeting or Branch Report".
2. Type your name, project title or meeting in the appropriate box and click on the adjacent button
3. Complete the brief structured profile
4. Click on "save." That's all! A profile or report can be reached by clicking on the name, project or meeting title in one of the tables. If you wish to change anything in your profile or report, click on edit, make changes and save again. Click on "account" top right to send messages to any other members internally or to see a list of the sites you belong to.

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Site Content

This website includes three components; project descriptions and reports, a list of INCTR Faculty members (i.e., those who contribute in some way to INCTR's projects and educational programs. Those who work with INCTR have a ready reference to the ongoing activities, and those who do not (including potential funders) can see at a glance lists of projects under various categories or a complete list of ongoing projects. Each Faculty Member will have a profile and will be able to see those of other Faculty members. All Faculty Members will receive the monthly INCTR Newsflash.


Faculty Members new to INCTR should browse its website [http://www.inctr.org]. For more information on projects click here


The following videos are available. Click on one to watch it.
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To link to the membership site, click here http://inctrmembers.wikidot.com

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