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Meeting Coordinators Location
AFCRN Annual Review Meeting Dr Max Parkin Kenya
AFCRN practical training courses Dr Henri Wabinga and Ms Anne Korir Uganda & Kenya
AMCC session at the AFSOS meeting Pierre Bey & Laure Copel France
Early Detection of Cancer in India (2016) Dr Hemant Malhotra,; Senior faculty members of the Institute of Medical Technology and nursing education. India
HIV Related Cancer- Non-AIDS Defining Ian Magrath, Max Parkin, Loreno Leoncini Kenya
Hospice Africa Intensive Care Course in partnership with AMCC Sabine Perrier-Bonnet Uganda
INCTR Ethical Review Committee Meeting Melissa Adde Belgium
International Workshop on Cancer Registration Methods in Malawi Dr Max Parkin Malawi
One Month Palliative Care Certificate Course in India Dr Gayatri Palat India
Second AFCRN Advanced Training Course - Nigeria Dr Max Parkin Nigeria
Site Visit and Audit of Palliative Care Project, Tanzania Ian Magrath, Melissa Adde, Twalib Ngoma Tanzania
Visit to Gulu (Lacor Hospital), Uganda Dr Max Parkin; Dr Martin Ogwang Uganda
What Can We Learn from Africa - 3 (2013) Lorenzo Leoncini, KK Naresh, Martine Raphael, Nina Hurwitz, Ian Magrath Kenya
What can we learn from Africa? 5 Martine Raphael, President, AMCC Senegal
What Can We Learn From Africa: 5 (2015) Martine Raphael, Lorenzo Leoncini, KK Naresh ,
What Can We Learn From Africa-4 (2014) Lorenzo Leoncini, Martine Raphael, KK Naresh, N. Hurwitz, Ian Magrath Tanzania

16 Meetings since Jan 2012

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