Annual Branch Reports; 2013
Title President Country
Annual Report AMCC 2013 Martine Raphael France
Annual Report INCTR Brasil 2013 Sidnei Epelman Brazil
Annual Report INCTR (Brussels) 2013 Ian Magrath Africa, S.America, India, Nepal, Egypt
Annual Report INCTR Canada 2013 Simon Sutcliffe Canada
NNCTR/INCTR Annual Report 2013 Surendra Shrestha Nepal

Branches are fully independant NGO's established according to the laws of the country they were formed in. INCTR (Brussels) assists in communication and encouraging branches to work together, but their is no formal relationship among the branches. Each branch decides and funds activities that it chooses to undertake either alone, or with partners, but often with other INCTR Branches with similar interests or complementary resources. The goal is to develop a consortium of like-minded organizations that work together when this is advantageous. Such branches may undertake activities in their own country (particularly those in less developed countries) or in countries with a lower level of development. Partnerships among organizations in high income and middle and low income countries are encouraged. INCTR also has Programs see Faculty Members which consist of groups of health professionals working in a discipline relevant to cancer in less developed countries and usually created by health professionals attached to different branches. Each program chooses its own structure and projects within its specified area of interest, such that the Programs represent one way that INCTR functions in concert. The INCTR Consortium is, then, built on a foundation of trust and respect. Presidents of Branches do not take salaries from the branches, nor do board members, and donate their services as volunteers. INCTR also works with other partners, such as Tucca, the European Society of Medical Oncology, and many other NGOs. It is also an NGO in official relations with the World Health Organization.

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