AMCC Annual Report 2016

Branch: Alliance Mondiale contre le Cancer (INCTR France)
President: Martine Raphael
Board Members: Pierre Bey, Director;
Collaborators: National Cancer Institute, French (INCTR)
Country(s): Francophone Africa
Year Established:
Annual Report: The 3 programs of AMCC are each associated with one of AMCC’s research themes. They are undertaken with academic institutions, scientific societies, and French and African charities linked to the local authorities of the African countries in which the projects take place. The three thematic areas are Early detection and treatment of Retinoblastoma, Pain and Palliative Care and Pathology.
Future Plans: Continuation of the three main programs of AMCC
Publications: Perrier Bonnet, S. & de Thé, G. J Afr Cancer (2009) 1: 61. doi:10.1007/s12558-008-0009-5
Month: January 2017
Year: 2016
Date of Last Report: Jan 2015
Image 1: file:diagnostiv-precoce-de-retinoblastoma/Diagnostiv-Precoce-de-Retinoblastoma.jpg
Image 2: file:programme-d-aide-au-diagnostic-45/programme-d-aide-au-diagnostic-45.jpg

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