Annual Report AMCC 2013

Branch: AMCC (INCTR France)
President: Martine Raphael
Board Members: Pierre Bey, Laure Copel, Jean-François Joanny, Alex Duval, Bertrand Lévitte, Michel Resbeut, Eric Tence
Collaborators: Institut Curie, GFAOP, LNCC, AFSOS, Retinostop, Oncomali, PCD, HAF, Hospice Africa Uganda, PNLAc, ASPCI, APAAC, CNHU/HKM Cotonou, Université Cheikh Anta Diop, CHU Le Dantec, IOTA, CHU G Touré
Partners: DGOS, INCa, MAEE, CNES, Fondation Sanofi Espoir, SFO, Fondation Pierre Gilles de Gennes, PACT/IAEA, ALIAM, UICC,Association Lalla Salma, Ambassades de France
Address: Institut Curie
26 rue d'Ulm
Paris 75005
Country(s): France
Year Established: 2001
Annual Report: AMCC works primarily in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa on retinoblastoma, palliative care and haematopathology. A brief synopsis of ongoing projects is provided here along with a link to a more detailed report on each project. A more detailed Annual Report is available under "Files" on this page, but this is accessible only to members of this wiki site.

1. Early Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children with Retinoblastoma in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa. This project was initiated in Nov 2011 and is largely funded by the Sanofi-Espoir Foundation. In 2013, the main events were:

a. An ophthalmology nurse (Mme Mutombo) from Lubumbashi was trained in the fabrication and fitting of prosthetic eyes at the Cabinet Prothelem in Paris (April 2013). The air ticket was provided by the Lubumbashi office of the Cultural Cooperation Program of the French Embassy.

b. Professor Gabrielle Chenge, an ophthalmologist from the University Hospital of Lubumbashi, who is also Director of the University Hospitals of Lubumbashi visited the Ophthalmology Service of Dr Laurence Desjardins in the Hospital Institut Curie in Paris (April 2013)

c. Professor Pierre Bey, Medical Director of the AMCC visited Bamako, Mali in the context of the plans to expand the retinoblastoma project to the Ivory Coast and Senegal (Oct-Nov 2013)

d. In the course of this visit, Professor Bey and colleagues from France and Mali involved in the care of children with retinoblastoma visited Abidjan and Dakar to open reference centers in Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal respectively, as part of the planned expansion of this project. There are now four reference centers, in addition to the earlier centers established in Bamako and Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of the Congo).

e. Information on this project was provided at press conference organized by Sanofi-Espoir Foundation on Feb 15th, 2014 and Radio France International on Oct 2nd 2013 and Feb 4th 2014.

2. Professor Bey participated in a panel discussion on the management of childhood cancer at the World Cancer Leader’s Summit in South Africa on November 19, 2013.

3. Training Course in Palliative Care for Francophone sub-Saharan Africa, held on April-May 2013 in Uganda. This course was designed by initiators of palliative care services in French speaking countries led by HASPF and the Institute of Hospice and Palliative care in Africa, based in Kampala, with expert input by Hospice Africa Uganda and the French association Alliance Mondial Contre le Cancer.

4. Palliative Care Workshops organized by AMCC in partnership with the Francophone Association for the Care and Support of Patients with Cancer (AFSO) were held in Abidjan (26th and 27th Sept)

5. Pathology programme. Prof Raphael was a member of the scientific committee of the third meeting/workshop entitled “What can we learn from Africa” which was held from Jan 31st to Feb 2nd 2013 in Mombasa, Kenya. AMCC identified partial support for this meeting from the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) to enable of pathologists from Senegal, Benin and Democratic Republic of Congo to attend.

6. A new initiative to characterize the lymphoproliferative diseases in adults in Senegal in partnership with the University Hospital Centre (CHU) Le Dantec and the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar has been initiated.
Future Plans: Retinoblastoma:
- Mali: awareness campaigns & conservative treatment
- Lubumbashi, Dakar, Abidjan: program implementation
- Madagascar: launch of the program

Palliative care:
- AFSOS conference in fall 2014
- Palliative care workshop in Brazzaville (2015)
- PC training in collaboration with Hospice Africa

Pathology & diagnostic support:
- Pathology workshops "What can we learn from Africa?"
- Hematopathology workshop in Abidjan
- i-Path network
- Technology transfer (cytometry, FISH)
Publications: . Editorial : Bey P. Le cancer en Afrique. Bull Cancer 2013 ;100 :112-3

. Traore F, Togo B, Sylla F, Cheick TB, Diakite AA, Dicko-Traore F, Sylla M, Sidibe T, Doz F, Harif M, Bey P, Desjardins L. Le rétinoblastome : état des lieux au Mali et programme d’aide au diagnostic précoce, aux traitements et à la réhabilitation. Bull Cancer 2013 ;100 :161-5

. Retinoblastoma: an exemplary tumour in young children that can be cured in low income countries. P Bey, F Traoré, F Sylla, G Chenge, J Ilunga, R Lukamba, L Desjardins, P Sirignano, Cancer Control 2014 (in press) 
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Year: 2013
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