Annual Report INCTR (Brussels) 2013

President: Ian Magrath
Board Members:
Collaborators: Nestory Bugalo
Martin Ogwang
Partners: Bugando Medical Center
St Mary's Hospital, Lachor
Address: INCTR,
Rue Engeland 642
1180 Brussels
Country(s): Africa, S.America, India, Nepal, Egypt
Year Established: 2000
Annual Report: 2013 was a busy and eventful year for INCTR's HQ in Brussels. While continuing to oversee our major project in the treatment of African Burkitt lymphoma, a number of articles were published in major medical journals. The first of these was "Epidemiology: Clues to the pathogenesis of Burkitt Lymphoma" which was published in January in the British Journal of Haematology. This article is available in full at and was developed from a presentation given in 2012 at a meeting held at Trinity College Dublin in honor of Denis Burkitt.

On February 2nd, a workshop organized by Lorenzo Leoncini and members of INCTR's Pathology team was held in Mombasa (Feb 2nd). This was the third in a series of meetings entitled "What can we learn from Africa" the goal of which is to improve the ability of African haemato-pathologists to diagnose haematopathologocal neoplasms using the World Health Organization Classification. The meeting was well attended by over 90 participants. During this meeting, Dr Elaine Jaffe, a major contributor to WHO's classification of haematological neoplasms received INCTR's "Outstanding Pathologist Award."

Immediately following this meeting, INCTR organized an advisory meeting to WHO AFRO relating to the issue of AIDS related but non-AIDS defining cancers in Africa. It was concluded that there is insufficient data at present to decide whether these cancers are increasing, and various approaches to collecting more information were discussed. A report was provided to AFRO.

INCTR also contributed to a series of articles on pediatric cancer in the Lancet Oncology Journal called “Children with cancer: driving the global agenda" that were published in The Lancet Oncology (Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 189 - 191, March 2013). INCTR took the lead in an article on “Pediatric Cancer in low- income and middle-income countries and also contributed to the final article: “New policies to address the global burden of cancer.” (March) in )."

The first edition of our new annual publication, Cancer Control 2013, was launched in April 2013. This has been produced in association with the health care publisher, Global Health Dynamics, and brings together a diverse range of topics which are all related, in some way, to cancer control in lesser-resourced countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia, including policy-making and advocacy, risk factors, epidemiology, early detection, treatment, palliative care and knowledge management. We are very pleased that Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, agreed to write the Foreword, in which she “warmly welcomed this first annual publication on cancer control, with its laudable aim of improving cancer management in low- and middle-income countries.”

Also in April, two INCTR consultants, Dr Nadia Dimitrova and Dr Ariana Znaor, visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to review cancer registration procedures and data quality in the national cancer registry, chaired by Dr Shouki Bazabashi. Drs Dimitrova and Znaor visited 17 hospitals from both private and public health sectors and regional cancer registries in 7 of 13 Saudi Arabian regions. The regisries were found to be well organized, and following the visit, a report of practices and suggestions for improvement was provided to the Saudi National Registry.

A comment was published in The Lancet (The Vol 14, April 2013) by Drs Magrath and Epelman on INCTR's views on the need for greater focus on cancer control in Latin America, where the cancer burden is predicted to increase by 42% betweeen 2008 and 2020.

In November, The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) approved a grant proposal submitted by INCTR for Integrated Cancer Control of Burkitt lymphoma in Africa. Since 2004, over 660 patients with Burkitt lymphoma, have been treated and an overall survival rate of 60% achieved. The award is for one year, but depending upon results, can be extended for additional years.

The occasion of the First Indian Cancer Congress on 21st to 24th November in New Delhi, which more than 3300 people attended, provided an excellent opportunity for members of the Open Education Resources for Cancer (OERC) Executive Committee to make presentations at the meeting and to provide the participants with information on how to access the on-line resources for cancer available via OERC. Gerry Hanley of MERLOT has created a special portal for the Indian Community - - the OERC Teaching Commons and it is anticipated that a considerable amount of information on cancer in India will be made available via OERC India in the coming months.

In December, INCTR participated in a fund-raising challenge organized by the web-based fund-raising organization, Gobal Giving, INCTR successfully met the challenge, which was to raise $3000 in the month of December with a minimum of 30 unique donors. INCTR raised $7,190 with 47 unique donors. Based on the amount of money raised in December, INCTR was ranked 9th among more than 2,600 charitable organizations. For more information see

2013 marked the rebuilding of the INCTR US Branch. The President is Mr Raj Shah, who plans to coordinate the OERC program, to establish a new branch in India, and to become the primary fund raiser for INCTR.
Future Plans: INCTR has approved the establishment of a new Branch in India (Jaipur). The main movers behind this are Mr Raj Shah, Dr Shivraj Singh and Shivina Kumari.

INCTR is developing two proposals for cancer prevention in India and Pakistan and hopes to submit these in 2014.

INCTR has already submitted a proposal to Princess Adela of Saudi Arabia to conduct a series of workshops late in 2014 or early 2015 on the origins and practice of scientific medicine.
Publications: Epidemiology: Clues to the pathogenesis of Burkitt lymphoma. British Journal of Haematology, Volume 156, Issue 6, pages 744–756, March 2012

"Pediatric Cancer in low- income and middle-income countries" and “New policies to address the global burden of cancer." in "The Lancet Oncology (Volume 14, Issue 3, Pages 189 - 191, March 2013."

Cancer Control in Latin America. Views of an NGO. The Vol 14, April 2013
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