INCTR (Brussels) Branch Report 2016

Branch: Brussels
President: Ian Magrath
Board Members: Louis Schoofs; Sultan Al-Sedairy; Max Parkin; Ian Magrath,
Collaborators: All health professionals at St Mary's Hospital,Lahor.
The First Minister of Jaipur
All commercial and non-commercial organisations
Partners: OPEC
Geoffrey Niblett
Address: Rue Engeland 642
Brussels 1180
Country(s): Uganda; Nigeria
Year Established: 1998
Annual Report: INCR has continued to work on African Burkitt lymphoma. Valeria Calby, an Italian Haematologist is able to both diagnose and treat patients with suspected Burkitt lymphoma. In addition, all clinics are informed of the early signs of cancer - particularly, Cx, cancer - in order to achieve
diagnosis of pre-cancer in the highest number of individuals. Data on Cx cancer incidence will be collected at the time of the census.
Future Plans: Up-scale cervical cancer screening in Rajastan by using data from the State Registry. However, over time, the number of states where the women frin all districts are screened in order to ensure that all women in the designated area have access to cost-free cervical screening. Once all women have been screened, a second round of once-screened women will be invited for screening. Information will be displayed at the district office (anonymised).
Publications: INCTR Brussels continues to serve as the Editor-in-chief for the pubication known as "Cancer Control" The latest version is that printed at the end of the year 2017.
Month: January-01
Year: 2016
Date of Last Report: 12/2016
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