INCTR Annual Report 2015

Branch: Brussels
President: Ian Magrath
Board Members: Nausherwer Burki, Sidnei Epelman, Sultan Al-Sedairy, Max Parkin, Martine Raphael, Louis Schoofs, Simon Suttcliffe,Jean Content
Collaborators: Nestory Masalu
Valeria Calbi (Protocol Coordinator)
Martin Ogwang (Director, Lacor Hospital)
Partners: Global health dynamics
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OPEC Fund for international development
Siena University
Imperial College, London
University of Paris
Basel university
Geoff Niblett foundation,
Nina Hurwitz
Address: Rue Engeland 642
1180 Brussels
Country(s): Tanzania, Uganda
Year Established: 1998
Annual Report: INCTR Brussels, in addition to the provision of News and Events throughout the network, works closely with Global Health Dynamics and INCTR's London office in the production of INCTR's Cancer Control Annual coordinates a project entitled "a new Model of Care for African Burkitts lymphoma."

Cancer Control Annual

Three editions of the Cancer Control annual have been published to date, and the fourth is presently soliciting articles. The annual consists of a articles solicited from the cancer control community on almost any topic relevant to cancer control. The annual is published by global health dynamics (Tim Probart is the managing director), Mark Lodge the commissioning editor and Ian Magrath the Editor-in-Chief. The journal is widely distributed; all health health ministers and major relevant organizations, as well as INCTR members and partners are on the mailing list.

A New Model of Care for Burkitt Lymphoma

The standard treatment for BL by INCTR has been COM which has been used in several African centers. It was initiated in Lacor in 2010 following training in 2009. The results were excellent with an overall survival rate of 71% at 5 years in 118 patients. The results were presented at the Lugano meeting on lymphomas in 2015. Given these excellent results, a new protocol is being prepared for testing of a regimen that has been shown to increase the survival rate of BL when added to COM in India and Egypt, where survival rates were lower than those seen in Gulu, but better than those observed with COM alone.

The relationship with the WHO is scheduled for late January and it is anticipated that Mark Lodge will continue to represent INCTR at that meeting.
Future Plans: INCTR will continue its program in the treatment of Burkitt lymphoma, in Tanzania and Northern Uganda and attempt to improve the delay from first symptom to presentation by public education. This has been in progress for some time in the Gulu region. All though the current treatment protocol will continue for the time being, a new regimen has been designed that is anticipated to be more effective than the present regimen. This protocol has yet to be initiated however (although treatment continues of patients who arrive at Lacor) since the accrual rate of BL has decreased significantly and at present there would be too few patients to warrant the initiation of a new protocol.

INCTR will continue to work in close concert with Tim Probart in publishing the Annual "Cancer Control."

INCTR will explore the possibilities of developing educational webinars that should reach a large number of health professionals in Africa. Persons taking part in this program will be required to register, in order that the number of participants and their profession will be known
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Month: 12
Year: 2015
Date of Last Report: 30/2014
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