INCTR Canada, Annual Report 2016

Branch: INCTR Canada; Two Worlds
President: Simon Sutcliffe
Board Members: Stuart Brown
Collaborators: Franois Bachand (Two Worlds/British Columbia Cancer Agency Eva Briun ((Lund University, Sweden), Nadia Octave (University of Sherbrooke, Quebec).
Partners: Pain Relief and Palliative Care Society
Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI)
St Mary's Hospital, Malur, Karnataka
Country(s): India; Nepal
Year Established:
Annual Report: In December 2016, the Branch held a meeting to discuss progress in the last year and to discuss future plans concerning each of the countries in which the Branch operates. There are two main components to INCTR Canada/Two Rivers (alternative names for the same organisation: An Indian component and a Nepalese component. Further information is provided in the program reports.


In order to strengthen operations in Hyderabad, the following actions were taken and agreements made:

1. Dr. Jean Jacobs was appointed as a palliative care consultant helping particularly with the pediatric palliative program. He is expected shortly to be joined by Dr Spandana as a pediatric palliative care fellow.

2. The pediatric cancer program is being expanded to include adolescents and teens with cancer (0-18 year program)

3. Discussions with the new administrative leadership of MNJ Institute took place and it was agreed that the ongoing programs at inpatient, ambulatory, rural outreach, domiciliary and hospice levels would all be continued

4. A year-end review of the Lara Nara distance e-learning training program in radiation oncology by course organizers Dr Francois Bachand (Two Worlds/BCCA), Dr Eva Brun (Lund University, Sweden) and Dr Nadia Octave (U. Sherbrooke, Quebec) was undertaken

5. Collaborative relationships with the Pain Relief & Palliative Care Society are to be continued

6. The relationship with the palliative care programme of the Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) (see below) will be continued

7. The supportive and mentoring relationship with St Mary’s hospital in Malur, Karnataka and their palliative care programme would continue.


Following the Hyderabad meetings, Dr. Stuart Brown visited Kathmandhu, Nepal, between December 9-15, 2016. In Nepal, Two Worlds is focusing on:

1. Support of the finalization of the National Strategic Plan for Palliative Care (an initiative of NAPCare and Two Worlds) with the expectation of broad professional support and submission to the national government of Nepal in February 2017 with further efforts regarding ongoing implementation. (Dr Brown had a short meeting with the Minister of Health)

2. The development of paediatric palliative care. Further plans regarding expansion of palliative care in Bhaktapur Cancer Centre and Nepal Cancer Hospital are being made

3. A fellowship programme is under consideration

4. Research efforts with the University of Edinburgh are under discussion

5. The development of a research project on rural palliative care at Makwanpur to be supported through Two Worlds.
Future Plans: A number of new programs are in their early or planning phases as components of the Palliative Care Program, Hyderabad. These include:

1. The on-going development of the oral cancer early detection project in collaboration with the School of Dentistry, Hyderabad. This project is focusing on the incremental value of oral cavity assessment by dental professionals using white light and UV light(VeLScope) in rural and community settings.

2. A palliative care program will be established with Dr Durgaprasad, Anantapuranam, through a 2-year initiative modelled on the MNJ program. INCTR Canada/Two Worlds will support this development as part of the ”Center for Palliative Care” initiative (see below).

3. A new palliative care program between MNJ and the Nilofer Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad, will be established to provide palliative care expertise and support for children requiring palliative care and pain management for cancer or non-malignant conditions.

4. It is intended to expand the MNJ Palliative Care program into a “Centre for Palliative Care”. There will be several components to the center:

a). a proposal has been made to expand the MNJ core program through the development of collaborators in India and the neighboring countries (e.g. Nepal, Bangladesh) to create a Center for Palliative Care involving MNJ, PRPCS and Two Worlds. Nepal, Bangladesh and the (CHAI). currently train physician and non-physician health professionals through the MNJ program and there was further discussion of research interest in health systems evaluation with CHAI. Concepts for the Center for Palliative Care include formal programs for clinical services; education and training; research; data, metrics and systems performance measurement; and political, professional, patient and public engagement and influence.

5. A research collaboration between MNJ, Two Worlds and Prof. Elizabeth Grant (University of Edinburgh, Scotland) is being planned. This collaboration will focus on health systems research and evaluation and the opportunity to demonstrate the impact of effective palliative care on the mitigation of personal and societal poverty and financial compromise. This research is also of interest to CHAI.

7. Finally, plans are being made for the development of Fellowship programs through the University of Edinburgh
Month: January 01
Year: 2016
Date of Last Report: January 2016
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