INCTR UK Office Report 2014

Branch: INCTR UK Office
President: Mark Lodge (Director)
Board Members: See INCTR (Brussels) for primary board members
Country(s): United Kingdom
Year Established:
Annual Report: The INCTR UK Branch has three core responsibilities:

• representing INCTR in the United Kingdom and at some Continental European meetings

• promoting the collection of research reports relevant to cancer control in low and middle income countries through INCTR’s Evidence Base Foundation programme

• providing executive support to the INCTR Challenge Fund (Charity no. 1079181)

Representing INCTR

In 2014 the UK Director represented INCTR at meetings at the:

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health

All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health

Commonwealth Secretariat and Chatham House.

Discussions were held with World Cancer Research Fund on the methodological difficulties of reviewing the evidence on nutrition and cancer.

In May the UK Director represented the Network at the 67th World Health Assembly in Geneva.

From September to December INCTR UK co-ordinated meetings with representatives of Cancer Research UK and Macmillan Cancer Relief and teachers from local schools on the joint promotion of World Cancer Day 2015.

A presentation was made at the Oxford Prostate Cancer Support Group entitled:

+++ Promoting the Foundation Evidence Base programme

Building on existing links with Egypt the UK Director continued negotiations with the Bibliotheca Alexandria, CABI and Elsevier Foundation for the completion of the Egyptian Evidence Base for Cancer Control.

In November the UK Director was an invited Guest Speaker at the 1st Clinical Oncology Conference at Ain Shams University, Cairo.

INCTR UK provided continued support for the INCTR Challenge Fund, including fundraising, throughout the year.

+++ Supporting INCTR Challenge Fund

In April it hosted the 10th meeting of the Board of Trustees. In July a presentation was made to Lochinver School, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire which raised 8185 GBP.

Through the additional donations raised by members of the Niblett Family and their friends the charity was able to provide:

10,000 GBP support for the INCTR Burkitt’s lymphoma (BL) Treatment Programme;

5,000 GBP for the INCTR PAX programme to provide materials for professional and staff education at Patan University and NAPCare in Kathmandu and to support a workshop in Kathmandu in August 2014 and

2,000 GBP for the Retinoblastoma programme to purchase materials for making the artificial eyes.
The charity also continues to provide a secure financial base for the African Cancer Registry programme.
Future Plans:
Month: 12
Year: 2014
Date of Last Report: 2014
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