INCTR India Annual Report 2016

Branch: India
President: Shivraj Singh
Board Members: Dr S. S. Agarwal-Trustee,Mr Apurv Kumar-Trustee, Dr Shripad D. Banavali, Dr Rajesh Dikshit, Dr Rakesh Gupta, Dr Ian Magrath, Dr Prof. Hemant Malhotra, Dr,Paul Sabastian, Dr Richard Sullivan, Dr Simon Suttcliffe, Dr. (Padmashri) Ashok K. Vaid, Dr Mala Airun, Dr Robert Burton, Dr Ravi Mehrotra, Dr Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, Dr Stuart Brown, Dr D K Mangal, Dr Gayatri Palat, Dr P. C. Ranka, Dr Larry Lessin, Ms Roshika Singh, Dr N K Ganguly
Collaborators: Dept of Medical, Health & Education-Govt. of Rajasthan
Biyani Group of Colleges
Partners: MH&FW, Cancer Hospitals, Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Women’s Self Help Groups (WSHGs), Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs). Villages that would participate in the pilot program were selected.
Address: Swasthya Kalyan Bhawan
Narain Singh Road, Near Trimurti Circle
Jaipur-302004 Rajasthan, India
Country(s): India
Year Established: 2014
Annual Report: INCTR India, with the advice of its advisory board has decided to focus on cancer awareness and early detection of cancer. They further recommended that we give emphasis to rural regions and their commonest cancers, namely Breast, Cervical and Oral Cancer. It was felt that women should play an important role in the dissemination of information, partly, because of the focus on women's cancers and partly because the Branch wishes to increase the status of women in India rural societies. As a first step, a pilot project has been initiated to assess the effectiveness of the program in providing information about cancer. Initially, it was decided to work with the Biyani Nursing College. An agreement was reached between the Branch and the Biyani Nursing College. The Board Members visited various institutes/organizations, including Institute of Medical Technology & Nursing Education Jaipur, Hotel Clarkes Amer Jaipur & made presentations about the short and long term goals of the project project.

Two villages: Champapura about 10 kilometers and Kalwar about 22 kilometers respectively from Jaipur were selected. INCTR India met with the PHCs doctors and the Sarpanchs (Head of Village) of the two villages. They expressed keen interest in the project and extended their full cooperation. Biyani Girls Nursing College indicated interest in working in partnership with INCTR India in the two villages and signed MOU with INCTR India. INCTR India arranged for training of 80 Biyani Nursing College students for Awareness and Early Detection of the three cancers at SMS Govt. Hospital. The girls spent about four weeks in the two villages and visited 2199 houses in the two villages and interacted with 6000 women.

Their findings indicate that 900 - almost 15% of the females were chewing or smoking tobacco and were suspected of oral cancer symptoms. They were directed by the students to a PHC close to the village for further investigation and treatment if necessary. The Biyani Nursing College girls during their visits to the houses discussed and presented leaflets to the women in the houses indicating symptoms for the presence of any of the three cancers. They also emphasized the need for Early Detection and Treatment of cancer. Apart from the visit to the houses, they also walked in groups through the streets in the villages with large sign boards promoting Cancer Awareness and Early Detection. At several locations local women also joined the groups. The Biyani Nursing College girls demonstrated a very effective method for Sensitizing and developing Awareness and Early Detection of cancer at rural level that could save many lives. The activities conducted by the Biyani Nursing College girls can be easily adopted by the ASHAs as part of their program. It will be on a long-term sustainable basis and will saves lives of women in the rural regions. It will also provide information for developing Population Based Cancer Registry that does not exist for Rajasthan.

The pilot project has demonstrated it is a workable model that could be adopted in the other regions in Rajasthan only if the MH&FW supports the participation of ASHAs. At present INCTR India is discussing with MH&FW if ASHAs/ANMs can be included in the project. The ASHAs can be trained at SMS Govt. Hospital for detecting the cancer symptoms. Those indicating symptoms shall be directed to PHCs for confirmation of the presence of the cancer. Those indicating symptoms are directed to SMS Govt. Hospital or to a Cancer Hospital for treatment.
Future Plans: Future program includes expanding the current Awareness & Cancer Control Program in other districts in Rajasthan. Initial discussions are being held to expand the program in other States in India.
Month: 12
Year: 2016
Date of Last Report:
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