Center for Global Health Oncology Nursing

Program: Oncology Nursing
Coordinators: Julia Challinor, RN, PhD
Collaborators: Oncology nurses from Rwanda, Hong Kong, Colombia, Kenya, India, Jordan, Canada, Switzerland, and USA with experience in nursing education and collaborating with or practicing in a low- or middle-income country (LMIC)
Branches: Brussels
Location: International
Country: USA
Institutions: Center for Global Health, National Cancer Institute
Background information: In February 2013, INCTR was asked to participate in an effort to address the oncology nursing education needs of nurses in LMIC “by facilitating international partnerships and stimulating communication among interested stakeholders worldwide”.
1. Draft a white paper outlining the current status of oncology nursing and oncology nursing education in LMIC (The intended audience is governments, cancer support organizations, international cancer NGO's, oncology nurses and other stakeholders)
2. Partner in planning and implementing a face-to-face meeting in late fall 2013 (original target date, but not necessary since work was done by telephone) for an expanded group of stakeholders to provide input on white paper and achieve consensus on priorities and approaches
3. Develop a concrete action plan following the Stakeholder Meeting (to be conducted at meeting described below), with clearly identified partner roles and contributions
Monthly telephone conference calls. A face-to-face meeting at the ISNCC annual meeting in Panama in September 2014
Progress: Several drafts of the white paper have been written by participants who divided into groups to write specific sections. Oncology nurses with expertise in this area have been identified to review the final draft of the white paper to give feedback.
Future Plans: A preconference Stakeholder Meeting will be held the day before the ISNCC conference begins in Panama, Sept. 7, 2014. A conference session (1 hour 20 minutes) will be held to present the white paper and hold a discussion about it at the ISNCC conference, Sept. 9, 2014.
Duration: the project is expected to continue at least until late 2015
Year: 2013
Last Update:

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