Clinical Studies
Title Coordinator Country
A Descriptive Study Of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Melissa Adde India, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan
A Twinning Program in Palliative Care Robin Love Nepal
AMCC Retinoblastoma Programme Pierre Bey Mali, Senegal,Ivory Coast, Madagascar
Branch Reports 2017
Challenge Fund Grant (2015) Melissa Adde Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria
Developing a model of care - stories from the field Melissa Adde; Ian Magrath
Haematological Malignancies Sidnei Epelman, Lorenzo Leonchini, Ian Magrath
INCTR (Brussels) 2014 Melissa Adde Africa
Integrated Cancer Control Melissa Adde Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria
Kenyan National Pathology Network Nina Hurwitz Kenya
Retinoblastoma in Francophone Africa (2016) Pierre Bey
Treatment and Characterization of Burkitt Lymphoma Melissa Adde, Ian Magrath, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria
Treatment of ALL in India Melissa Adde, Ian Magrath India
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