This INCTR website has been designed to create a list of all INCTR Faculty Members, to allow new Faculty Members to create their own profiles, and to provide a communications medium among this ever increasing list of health professionals engaged in INCTR projects relating to building capacity for cancer prevention, treatment and research in countries with limited resources. All Faculty Members will receive the monthly INCTR Newsflash unless they choose not to (by indicating this on the first NewsFlash they receive.

Register as an INCTR Faculty Member

1. "Click on "Add New Member" (you may need to scroll down to see this".
2. Type your name in the box and click on the adjacent button
3. Complete the brief structured profile
4. Click on "save." That's all! To reach your profile, click on your name on any of the lists If you wish to change anything, click on edit, make changes and save again. You can also reach other members profiles, but you will not be able to edit them. Click on "account" top right to send messages to any other member internally. Click on "sites" to return to this or any other site you are a member of.

If you wish INCTR to create your profile, please send click on "account" and send a message via the text box. You will not be able to edit your a profile created by INCTR and will need to contact Elisabeth to make changes (or delete the INCTR profile, which will permit you to create a new profile of your own). The "Comment" field can be used to provide additional information concerning your speciality (e.g., haematopathology, breast cancer etc.), or other relevant information about yourself.

For a list of current Faculty Members click here: List of Faculty Members

To enter a new Faculty Member click here: Add New Member

For a list of Faculty Members by profession or speciality, click here

All Faculty Members are invited to provide a PowerPoint presentation, video or pdf document (not under copyright) for addition to the INCTR/MERLOT Open Education Resources for Cancer (OERC) collection simply by clicking on the hypertext HERE and then clicking on "contributing to OERC."

Note that items added to OERC must already be on the web. OERC does not move or upload files, but provides information as to how to reach it. Contributions to OERC come from reputable sources, but can be critiqued by readers. Materials on the INCTR/MERLOT website are subject to an acceptable use policy, but are freely available with, in some cases, stipulations by authors as per the community commons intellectual property rights. Additional features are available via MERLOT, including discussion groups, materials on Youtube, and more.

If you would like to use the INCTR Portal to store your contributions, go to INCTR's OERC site and add to the appropriate folder. Then, click on presentation to obtain its URL from the header to the web page. This is needed to add the presentation to OERC.

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