Faculty Members By Profession

You may see a list of subsets of Faculty Members, and their special interests by clicking on the relevant group below (not all may be available at the present time). In addition, you can see the number of Faculty Members in each category.

0:General Physicians
1:General Surgeons
3:Gynaecological Oncologists
4:Breast Cancer Surgeons
5:Gastrointestinal Surgeon
6:GI Surgical Oncologists
7:Head and neck surgeons
8:Surgical Oncologists
10:Orthopedic Surgeon
11:Medical Oncologists
12:Radiation Oncologists
13:Pediatric Oncologists
14:Oncology Nurses
15:Research Nurses
16:Nurse Educators
20:Palliative Care Specialists
21:Palliative Care Nurses
22:Psychosocial workers

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