List of Faculty Members
Faculty Member Graduate Education Postgraduate Education Institution
André Tichelli Univeristy of Lausanne Switzerland Hammersmith Hospital London UK Department of Hematology University of Basel
Ariana Znaor University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia University of Zagreb Faculty of Sciences; University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia 1. Croatian National Institute of Public Health; 2. University of Zagreb School of Medicine
Aziza Shad Karachi, Pakistan UK and NCI, Bethesda, USA Georgetown University Hospital (USA)
Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain Hospital Vall d'Hebron, Spain and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, USA Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Boston Children's Hospital
David Korones Vanderbilt University Medical School, USA Yale University and University of Rochester, USA University of Rochester Medical Center
Dianne Kaseman Fla.State Univ., USA Oxford Health System, study with Dr. Muir Gray Professional Consultanting Practice
Elaine S Jaffe Cornell U Med College, Univ of Pennsylvania, USA Georgetown U Med Ctr, National Cancer Institute National Cancer Institute, NIH
Eva Brun Lund University Medical Faculty Lund University Medical Faculty Department of Oncology, Lund University
Gayatri Palat India India, USA INCTR, MNJ Institute of Oncology & RCC, Hyderabad
Gillian Fyles Univ of Toronto Canada Univ of Manitoba Canada BC Cancer Agency
Ian Magrath University of London, UK Royal Colleges and Imperial College, London, UK INCTR
Jessie Githang'a University of Nairobi University of Manitoba, Canada Department of Human Pathology Kenyatta National Hospital
Julia Challinor University of California, San Francisco, USA University of Amsterdam, Netherlands University of California, San Francisco
Louis Denis UZ Ghent, MD M.C. Virginia - Richmond USA Oncology Center Antwerp
Madhavan V Pillai.M.D Medical College, Thiruananthapuram,India. Medical College of Virginia,Richmond,VA,U.S.A Jefferson University
Mark Lodge INCTR UK
Martine Raphaël University of Paris 6 University of Paris-Sud Université Paris Sud
Max Parkin UK UK, IARC, Lyon University of Oxford/Queen Mary University of London
Melissa A Adde University of Virginia, USA Catholic University of America, USA INCTR
Nadya Dimitrova Medical University, Sofia, Bulgaria National Hospital of Oncology, Sofia, Bulgaria Bulgarian National Cancer Registry
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35 registered Faculty Members.

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