Faculty Members Contributions

INCTR Faculty Members cover a broad range of disciplines and are not exclusively oncologists. The provide a resource that INCTR can call upon for assistance in training and education. They may participate in training on-site on a regular basis, e.g., they may spend several weeks a year on-site, or may spend more time on video conferences relating to continuing education or consultations on diagnostic or management problems, e.g., via iPath. They may also develop materials - documents, articles, slide presentations, videos or pdf files that is either discipline or speciality related. For example, the INCTR Manual of Palliative Care was produced by INCTR's PAX program. Sometimes faculty members may be involved in the development of educational tools that may be used on-line or accessed by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. Material may also be produced for distribution via CD or DVD and viewed on a desk top computer or projected to an audience.

In general, faculty members are volunteers who give their time to help train and educate the health workers in the less developed countries - i.e., to help build capacity, which is the mission of INCTR.

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