To discuss logistics of establishing a population based registry in Gulu
Dr. D.M.Parkin, Prof H Wabinga, Ms. Sarah Nambooze
19-21st Feb 2014

The visit was undertaken following discussions with Dr. Martin Ogwang and Ian Magrath, to review the requirements for a population based registry serving the population of Gulu.

1. Contacts in Gulu:
Dr. Martin Ogwang, St Mary’s Hospital, Lacor, Gulu
Tel: +256 471432310/+256790915167 MOB: +256772593901 e-mail: gro.latipsohrocal|nitram.gnawgo#gro.latipsohrocal|nitram.gnawgo or gro.latipsohrocal|ofni#gro.latipsohrocal|ofni

2. Registry population:
The geographic area served by the hospitals in Gulu is primarily that of the Northern region.
The target population of the registry should be much smaller, however.
It is suggested that the pre-2007 Gulu district, covering 4 counties (Kilak, Nwoya, Aswa and Omoro) might be the most appropriate:

Populations (2014 estimates)
Gulu district 418,650
Amuru & Nwoya districts 245,350

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