This website includes a Forum - essentially a blog - where Faculty Members with appropriate permissions (just request permission) can create new discussion threads (topics) or respond to existing threads. To create a new thread or comment on existing threads, click on "Forum" on the right side-bar. To see existing threads or create new ones, click on "hidden" and then on "Deleted Forum Threads" (not intuitive!). To post a comment, click on the thread of interest, then on "New Post" and type a comment into the text box of your new thread. From this page you can also create an RSS feed whereby an e mail will be sent to you when any new post (comment) is added to a thread that you wish to follow. You do not need to click on "hidden" to do this.

To see all existing posts, click on "Recent posts" on the sidebar, then on the title of the thread of interest. To respond to a comment, click on reply and type your comment in the text box. To make an entirely new comment in this thread, click on "New Post."

If you wish to edit or delete previous posts you have made, click on "options."

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