INCTR Faculty Members

What is an INCTR Faculty Member?

INCTR Faculty Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, countries and disciplines. They have, however, one thing in common - a desire to improve cancer prevention, treatment and research in countries with limited resources. By becoming a Faculty Member, individuals affirm this desire, and are expected to contribute in some way to INCTR's projects on a continuing basis. Many Faculty Members will belong to an INCTR Branch, and already be participating in an ongoing project. Others will be asked by INCTR Program Directors or Project Coordinators to participate in some way - e.g., through site visits pertaining to needs assessments, participation in Thematic Workshops, which are focused on one or a small number of disciplines, and designed to increase awareness and understanding between local professionals and INCTR Faculty Members, such that meaningful projects within the thematic areas can be undertaken in collaboration. Faculty Members may be asked to undertake consultations on behalf of INCTR, e.g., monitoring visits in the context of cancer registries or clinical trials, review of project-related plans or treatment protocols, or participating in teaching and education pertaining to the project in question.

Some Faculty Members may have a more general role - e.g., the submission of teaching or educational materials, whether PowerPoint presentations, pdf documents (slides or text), videos to INCTR's OERC site. OERC will include not only educational documents or presentations, but a variety of curricula pertaining to specialist education of all disciplines related to cancer, and to research in cancer.

Finally, Faculty Members may participate in on-line education, including case discussions, didactic lectures or preparing or showing videos to interested persons. They may also participate in assessment of the value of such activities, e.g., assisting in the design of test materials and determination of the suitability of individuals undergoing training to be certified as competent in a defined area of cancer control.

How are INCTR Faculty Members Selected?

Faculty Members, in general, are well known to INCTR (i.e., to persons already associated with INCTR) and known to be have relevant expertize in an area of endeavor relevant to INCTR's work. Persons not already associated with INCTR but wish to become a Faculty Member, may contact INCTR at eb.rtcni|ofni#eb.rtcni|ofni, sending a CV and a brief statement as to why they wish to become a Faculty Member, along with a CV that describes their training and previous experience. In general, Faculty Members will have worked at reputable institutions, although there is no restriction relating to gender, ethnic background, country, or age. Relevant INCTR staff will then request review of the application by other competent INCTR members/Faculty Members prior to accepting the candidate.

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