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Project Coordinator Location
A Descriptive Study Of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Melissa Adde India, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan
A Twinning Program in Palliative Care Robin Love Nepal
AMCC Retinoblastoma Programme Pierre Bey Mali, Senegal,Ivory Coast, Madagascar
Anatomic Pathology, Cytology and iPath in Francophone Africa Martine Raphael Cameroon, Mali, DRC, Senegal
Annual Journal on Cancer Control 2013 Ian Magrath, Mark Lodge, Tim Probart UK
Branch Reports 2017
Central Pathology Review / iPath (2016) Martine Raphaell, Sidnei Epelman Brasil; Senegal,
Central Pathology Review / iPath (2016) Martine Raphael; Sidnei Epelman Brazil
Challenge Fund Grant (2015) Melissa Adde Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria
Children's Palliative Care Program (India) 2012 Gayatri Palat India
Developing a model of care - stories from the field Melissa Adde; Ian Magrath Uganda (Gulu District)
Developing a Model of Care for BL in Equatorial Africa Ian Magrath and Melissa Adde Uganda and Tanzania
Ethiopian Twinning Georgetown University Hospital/INCTR USA Julia Challinor. R.N., PhD. Ethiopia
Haematological Malignancies Sidnei Epelman, Lorenzo Leonchini, Ian Magrath
Home-based palliative care program in India (2013) Gayatri Palat India
Improving diagnostics in pathology and hematology in Ethiopia Nina Horowitz Ethiopia
INCTR (Brussels) 2014 Melissa Adde Africa
INCTR Canada Annual Report 2016 Simon Sutcliffe India
INCTR Canada, Annual Report (Nepalese Component) 2016 Stuart Brown, Fraser Black, Surendra Shrestha, Richard Love Nepal
INCTR Cancer Registry Programme: Progress Report 2014 Max Parkin Sub-Saharan African Countries
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44 Active Projects

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