AFCRN practical training courses

Month: Aug, Sept
Dates: 4 weeks
Year: 2012
Location: Kampala cancer registry & Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
City: Kampala & Nairobi
Country: Uganda & Kenya
Background Information: For individuals who have been newly appointed as cancer registrars, an AFCRN Practical Training Course (PC) has been developed, based on the model developed during the EARN project in 2011. As a result of a long waiting list and a need to maintain the quality of the training, the local hosts Professor Henry Wabinga (Kampala) and Dr Anne Korir (Nairobi) agreed to the provision of two PCs this year.
These 4 week courses took place from 6 - 31st August and from 24th September to 19th October, during which a total of 13 registrars were trained.
Purpose/Goals: The objective of the training was to equip cancer registrars with skills and knowledge on cancer registrations methods that would enhance the quality of data from their registries of help them establish registries in their countries.
INCTR Program: Cancer Registries
INCTR Branch: The African Cancer Registry Network
Coordinator(s): Dr Henri Wabinga and Ms Anne Korir
Other INCTR Organizers: Dr Max Parkin
Number Attending:
Participants: Registrars fro cancer registries from Uganda, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Kenya
Recurring Meeting: Date Next:
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