Early Detection of Cancer in India (2016)

Month: 07
Dates: 6
Year: 2016
Location: Institute of Tecnology and Nursing Education
City: Jaipur
Country: India
Background Information: Cancer Awareness, Early Detection and Prevention aee major elements of INCTR India's cancer control program. This includes many elements, including education of the public about the signs of cancer and advising them on what to do if they have symptoms compatible with cancer. program that was held on 6th July at Institute of Medical Technology & Nursing Education, Jaipur. Dr Hemant Malhotra, Head Div. of Medical Oncology, SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur, India was the Keynote Speaker. He addressed more than 200 participants which included faculty, students of GNM, B.Sc Nursing and M.Sc Nursing. These students are the future grass root levels in rural & Urban health Care sector in Rajasthan.
Purpose/Goals: To increase public awareness of cancer in the Jaipur region of India by ensuring that nursing students as well as higher level nursing staff are familiar with the signs and symptoms of cancer
INCTR Program: Other
INCTR Branch: INCTR India
Coordinator(s): Dr Hemant Malhotra,; Senior faculty members of the Institute of Medical Technology and nursing education.
Other INCTR Organizers:
Collaborators: President of INCTR India,
Institutions: Institute if Medical Technology and Nursing Training; SMS Medical College and Hospital , Jaipur
Number Attending:
Participants: Nurses at all levels
Sponsors: INCTR India
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