HIV Related Cancer- Non-AIDS Defining

Month: 02
Dates: 02
Year: 2013
Location: Serena Hotel
City: Mombasa
Country: Kenya
Background Information: This meeting was a consultation for the WHO which was directed towards identifying what is known about HIV-related cancer classified as non-AIDS defining. This has become an increasing problem in countries where AIDS patients have been receiving anti-human retroviral therapy. Many such patients are now over 40
Purpose/Goals: To bring together cancer registry Directors and others caring for cohorts of AIDS patients in order to determine whether it would be possible to create linkages between the two. Such linkage is necessary since registries at present do not collect information on the HIV status of registered patients.
INCTR Program: Adult Oncology
INCTR Branch: INCTR Challenge Fund, Brussels
Coordinator(s): Ian Magrath, Max Parkin, Loreno Leoncini
Other INCTR Organizers: Elisabeth Dupont
Collaborators: African Regional Office, WHO
Number Attending:
Participants: Cancer Registrars, Epidemiologists,Oncologists
Sponsors: OHAMS
Evaluation: a) There is very little data available from Africa
b) Studies are justified in order to:
• Confirm associations demonstrated in Europe & N. America
• Identify new associations with infection-related cancers?
• Estimate the magnitude of the problem
• Study the effects of ARVs or other confounding factors
c) A systematic review of the availability of possible locations for linkage studies is needed. This involves identifying cohorts of know HIV status (ideally with treatment data) in areas served by a
population-based cancer registry that is relatively (at least 70%) complete in case finding.
d) The ethics of performing linkage studies generally needs to be clarified
e) It may be necessary to ask an organization to coordinate the process
f) Some hospitals (eg Kenyatta National Hospital) test all cancer patients for HIV (since it may impact upon their treatment). Such a process would greatly assist the collection of information on
unselected cancer casesA policy to ensure that all cases are collected should be in place
g) Some countries may be of particular interest because of their size, or the pre-existence of AIDS networks (e.g., Nigeria)
h) A report with recommendations would be submitted to WHO and further actions decided upon
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