INCTR Ethical Review Committee Meeting

Month: 12
Dates: 14
Year: 2012
Location: INCTR Brussels
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Background Information: INCTR's Ethical Review Committee (ERC) provides advice and guidance to INCTR in the conduct of clinical research. In addition, it reviews INCTR protocols and provides approvals of studies prior to their submission to ERCs in participating institutions. It also provides annual continuing reviews of on-going studies. The ERC is available to INCTR for consultation.
Purpose/Goals: The purpose of the December 14th meeting was to review three on-going INCTR protocols.
INCTR Program: Clinical Studies
INCTR Branch: INCTR Brussels
Coordinator(s): Melissa Adde
Other INCTR Organizers: Elisabeth Dupont
Collaborators: Francis Crawley, Chairperson of the ERC
Angelo Rosolen, Co- Chairperson of the ERC
Ian Magrath, President & Medical and Scientific Director, INCTR
Institutions: Not applicable
Number Attending:
Sponsors: Not applicable
Evaluation: Protocol progress was reviewed for three on-going studies, the Indian ALL protocol, the African BL study and the NPC questionnaire study. Approval for continuing enrollment of new patients was provided for the African BL study and the NPC study. As protocol accrual has been reached for the Indian ALL protocol, it was approved for follow up of enrolled patients.
Recurring Meeting: Date Next: December 2013
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