Site Visit and Audit of Palliative Care Project, Tanzania

Month: 02
Year: 2012
Location: ORCI
City: Dar es Salaam
Country: Tanzania
Background Information: This site visit was undertaken to assess progress made in the IAEA project being undertaken at Ocean Road Cancer Institute, the purpose of which was to sensitize medical managers and hospital superintendants to the importance of palliative care and to provide education and training for nurses and doctors in this discipline. A component was also devoted to the availability of opioids throughtout Tanzania
Purpose/Goals: To assess progress made in completing the work plan
INCTR Program: Clinical Studies
INCTR Branch: INCTR (Brussels)
Coordinator(s): Ian Magrath, Melissa Adde, Twalib Ngoma
Other INCTR Organizers:
Collaborators: Ocean Road Cancer Institute
International Atomic Energy Agency
Institutions: Ocean Road Cancer Center
Number Attending:
Participants: Small meeting for health professionals
Sponsors: INCTR, IAEA
Evaluation: The atmosphere of the meeting was friendly and Dr Ngoma provided much material concerning the project, although he had a limited amount of verification data (receipts etc.). He said this was due to an audit of the finances of ORCI and would provide verification information later. It appeared that almost all Activities were complete, and work was begun in this meeting on the remaining 2.1.1-2.1.3
Recurring Meeting: Date Next:
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