What Can We Learn from Africa - 3 (2013)

Month: 01,02
Dates: 31-02
Year: 2013
Location: Serena House Hotel
City: Mombasa
Country: Kenya
Background Information: This is a focused workshop held annually. The first two were held in Siena and Paris respectively. This is the first to be held in Africa where there are few pathologists and serious limitations in reagents such as MoAbs for immunohistochemistry
Purpose/Goals: Training African pathologists

This is the third INCTR workshop on haematopathology in Africa and the first to be held in Africa. Its purpose is to improve the knowledge and skills of African haematologists with regard to the diagnosis and treatment of haematological malignancies. Pathology is essential to both meaningful research and appropriate treatment – even accurate statistics on incidence and mortality rate - but is often overlooked by organizations involved in cancer control. This workshop provided an opportunity for African haematopathologists and haematologists to discuss cases of importance to them - often because they could not be diagnosed without special studies. Such cases are “worked up” in European laboratories and demonstrate particularly well the value of special studies to making an accurate diagnosis.

This workshop, therefore, served an important role in the Pathology Program, helping to enhance communication,, to discuss techniques and how to improve them and to bring pathologists and clinicians into contact - something, unfortunately, that is all too often lacking in the field. They also provide a matrix for discussing a broad range of issues pertaining to the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and research into hematologic malignancies in Africa. In between workshops, additional site visits take place, and discussion continues via the telepathology programme iPath.
INCTR Program: Pathology
INCTR Branch: Brussels, AMCC
Coordinator(s): Lorenzo Leoncini, KK Naresh, Martine Raphael, Nina Hurwitz, Ian Magrath
Other INCTR Organizers: Brussels
Collaborators: Ian Magrath
Kikkeri Naresh
Joshua Nyagol
Martine Raphael
Emily Rogena
Shaheen Sayeed
Omar Sherman
Institutions: Siena University
Aga Khan, Mombasa
Aga Khan, Nairobi
Number Attending:
Participants: Pathologists, Oncologists, Others
Sponsors: NCI, INCa, UICC, Aga Khan, Roche, Bactlab, Leica International, Leica Italy
Evaluation: Excellent
Recurring Meeting: Date Next: Early 2014
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