What Can We Learn From Africa: 5 (2015)

Month: 08
Year: 2015
Location: Senegal
City: Dakar
Background Information: A series of workshops entitled, “What Can We Learn from Africa?” have been held in Siena, Italy, Paris, France, Mombasa, Kenya, Arusha, Tanzania and most recently in Dakar, Senegal. Participants in these workshops have included pathologists and clinicians from sub-Saharan East and West African countries. A typical meeting agenda is comprised of didactic lectures provided by an international faculty, case-study presentations by selected participants for wider discussion among all participants and faculty, and pre and post tests are given to participants to assess knowledge gained during the workshops.
Purpose/Goals: To provide training in pathological diagnosis, particularly immunohistochemistry and FISH techniques in order to assist pathologists to become familiar with the WHO book on the Classification of Haematopoietic tumours and lymphomas.
INCTR Program: Pathology
INCTR Branch: AMCC, INCTR Challenge; Brussels
Coordinator(s): Martine Raphael, Lorenzo Leoncini, KK Naresh ,
Other INCTR Organizers: When Faculty Members come from countries where a branch has not been established, they are considered a part of the coordinating branch in Brussels
Collaborators: The European Society of Pathology
Institutions: Multiple institutions in sub-Saharan Africa, Easr, West and Central Africa
Number Attending:
Participants: Pathtologists, often specialized in haematopathology
Recurring Meeting: Date Next:
Meeting Image1: file:profs-awa-toure-and-martine-raphael-2/Profs-Awa-Toure-and-Martine-Raphael.jpg
Meeting Image2: file:what-can-we-learn-from-africa-5-3/What-can-we-learn-from-Africa-5.jpg
Meeting Image3: file:ceremonie-d-ouverture-2-02/Ceremonie-d-ouverture-2-02.jpg
Document: Report on the workshop.doc - click on "files"

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