Tim Probart

Gender: M
Degree(s), Diploma(s) etc.: BA, MA
Graduate Education (Institute, Country): Trinity College, Cambridge University
Post-graduate Education (Institute, country): Trinity College, Cambridge University
Current Institution:
iPath Member: No
OERC Contributor: No
Site Visit/Consultation: No
Teaching Course/Workshop: Yes
INCTR Project: Yes
email address: ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|traborpt#ku.oc.scimanydhtlaehlabolg|traborpt
Address Line 1: 20 Quayside
Address Line 2:
City: Woodbridge, Suffolk
Country: UK
Postal/Zip Code: IP12 1BH
Comment/Special Interests: Global Health Dynamics is a global health publisher and is currently working with INCTR to develop Cancer Control 2013: an annual publication looking at developments and best practice in low and middle income countries. Our company interests are in media and communications.

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