AMCC Retinoblastoma Programme

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Pierre Bey
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: Dr Laurence DESJARDINS, ophthalmology department, Instiutut Curie, Paris,
Pascal SIRIGNANO, ocular prosthesist, Paris.
Branch(es): AMCC
Location: Single Continent
Country(s): Mali, Senegal,Ivory Coast, Madagascar
Institutions: Telephone connexions between AMCC/Institut Curie team (Laurence Desjardins and Pierre Bey) with African teams : 29/01/2016 : Abidjan, Dakar, Antananarivo, 01/04/2016 : Abidjan, Dakar, Lubumbashi, Antananarivo
16/09/2016 : Dakar, Lubumbashi, 09/12/2016 : Bamako (with Xiaoyu system), Lubumbashi
Meetings of the Bamako team (Fatou Sylla and Fousseyni Traoré) with Laurence Desjardins and/or Pierre Bey : in Barcelona (June), in Abidjan (October), in Paris (November).
Background Information: Extension of the program 2013-2015 in Mali, DR Congo, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Madagascar supported by My Child Matters (Sanofi Espoir Foundation) and first year of new program 2016-2019 for Mali supported by My Child Matters (Sanofi Espoir Foundation) with the medical and scientific support of Institut Curie in Paris
Objectives: Obj. 1 : Bamako (Mali), Dr Fousseyni TRAORE, G Toure Hospital, Dr Fatoumazta SYLLA, IOTA
Participation of Dr Fatoumata SYLLA and Dr Fousseyni TRAORE to the retinoblastoma meeting in Barcelona, June 10 and 11, 2016 with presentation of the Bamako experience.
. GFAOP meeting in Paris Novenber 3-5, meeting of the retinoblastoma committeee and presentation of the Bamako series (195 cases since 10/2011).
Material :
Direct ophtalmoscope (October)
Telemedicine platform between Bamako and Paris, 1st successfull connexion in December
4 Xiaoyu systems, from China in October 2016, 2 in Bamako, 2 in Paris
Collection of RB patients data in Bamako (centralized registration).
Obj. 2 : Lubumbashi (DR Congo), Dr Robert LUKAMBA, Pr Gaby CHENGE, Dr Marcel NGOY, Cliniques Universitaires
Material for ocular prosthesis, December 2016
Material for conservative treatments : in progress.

Obj. 3 : Dakar (Senegal), Pr claude MOREIRA, Pr Paule Aîda N’Doye, Aristide Le Dantec Hospital
A meeting in Dakar was to be organized in 2016 on early diagnosis of cancer in children in general with a specific focus for retinoblastoma. It is now postponed in 2017
Participation to the material for conservative treatments : in priogress.
Obj. 4 : Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Dr Jean-Jacques YAO, Line COUITCHERE, Pr Rokia BERETE, Treichville Hospital
Training of Professor Rokia Bérété in Institut Curie (Dr Laurence Desjardins ophtalmologic department), Paris, from July 7 up to August 14, 2016
Mission in Abidjan of Laurence Desjardins, Pascal Sirignano and Pierre Bey from Paris (October 9-12, 2016) and fatoumata Sylla and Fousseyni Traoré from Bamako (October 10-13, 2016). Program of the 2 day meeting (see Pictures:

. Zeiss microscope + transportation to Abidjan (June 2016)
. Direct ophtalmoscope (October 2016)
The rest of the material was purchased in 2016 with the help of Latrous Lotti Fundation from Zurich (Cryode + Laser with adaptator: 33 000 € in January), Lalla Salma Fundation from Morocco (helmet with indirect ophtalmoscope for Laser 9 112 € in October), Children of Africa Foundation from Ivory Coast (7 500 € in April).
Training of a second ophthalmologist in February 2017.

Obj. 5 Antananarivo (Madagascar), Dr Mbola RAKOTOMAHOFENA, Dr Lea RAOBELA, HJRA Hospital
The local reorganization of pediatric oncology in 1 site (HJRA Hospital) has been approved by the ministry of health in 2015. Service rehabilitation work has been delayed up to October 2016.
Methods: Training visits to experts in Paris
Visits of experts to the participating centers
Discussions on-line and in-country
Progress: By the end of 2016 :
- In the 5 centers an ocular prosthesist has been trained and prosthesis are done for all enucleated patients.
- 2 centers (Bamako since August 2014 and Abidjan since October 2016) are trained and totally equipped to perform conservative treatments.
- The results of bilateral cases will be presented as oral presentation by Fousseyni Traoré from Bamako at the SIOP Africa meeting in Marrakech in April 2017.
Future Plans:
Month: 10
Year: 2016
Last Update: 12/2016

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