Annual Journal on Cancer Control 2013

Program: Other
Coordinators: Ian Magrath, Mark Lodge, Tim Probart
Other INCTR Participants: Rajendra Badwe, Ama Rohatiner, Aziza Shad
Sidnei Epelman, Twalib Ngoma, Simon Suttcliffe, Hussein Khaled, Lorenzo Leoncini, Max Parkin
Collaborators: Ali Saeed Al-Zahrani, Robert Burton, Sankaranarayanan, Richard Sullivan,
Tim Probart (Publisher)
Branch(es): INCTR (Brussels),
Location: Single Country
Country(s): UK
Institutions: INCTR Branches, Global Health Dynamics
Background Information: The production of INCTR's former quarterly Journal proved expensive and time consuming for the staff, although it was well liked and many commented on the fact that they found it highly readable. Thus, it was decided, in conjunction with Tim Probart, a publisher we had worked with before, to create an Annual Journal
Objectives: 1. To create an Annual Journal on cancer control to be published in December/January each year.
2. To use this journal as a medium for the publication of a broad range of topics on cancer control, both by INCTR members and by highly respected individuals from across the world.
Methods: The journal includes a wide range of articles pertinent to cancer care in emerging health systems selected with the advice of an Editorial Advisory Board. Mark Lodge, as commissioning officer would solicit articles to be published in conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Advisory Board. Reports on INCTR projects and information about INCTR's structure and programs would also be published, such that the journal could also be used to solicit associate members and to disseminate information about its activities. Funding would be via sponsorships and INCTR would receive a share of the royalties.
Progress: The first edition of the Journal has been published (April 2013) with the title Cancer Control 2013. Its appearance and content are excellent. The fact that the Foreword was written by Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization gives the journal immediate credibility
Future Plans: Continue publishing an Annual Journal, but also consider the publication of "spin off" supplements that would have a more specific focus, e.g., Cancer in India, Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries, The importance of basing cancer control activities on evidence etc. These supplements may have guest editors, and would be undertaken with advice and suggestions from the Editorial Board
Duration: Indefinite
Publications: Cancer Control 2013; Cancer Care in Emerging Health Systems
Year: 2013
Last Update: 04/2013

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