Developing a model of care - stories from the field

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Melissa Adde; Ian Magrath
Other INCTR Participants: Ama Rohatiner
Collaborators: Martin Ogwang; Valeria Colby
Branch(es): Brussels
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Uganda (Gulu District)
Institutions: St., Mary's Hospital, Lacor, Uganda
Others to be added by Dr Ogwang
Background Information: This is an ongoing project relating to improving a model of care for Burkitt lymphoma. This form contains a story from the field which permits feedback from collaborators and suggestions from those following the project
Objectives: Provide information that will help readers understand the issues that relate to Burkitt Lymphoma
Methods: There will be a site visit in July of this year to assess data quality and quality of the work being undertaken as well as conscientiousness of participants and assist with any difficulties being encountered. In the course of this site visit training and education will be undertaken and a needs assessment performed
Progress: Data manager is being trained, new protocol data base being constructed
Future Plans: Institute regular meetings and webinars to increase the contacts with collaborators and thereby determine aspects of the project that need attention.

Attempt to develop a "partnership relationship" with OFID
Month: 01
Year: 2017
Last Update: 04/2017

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