Haematological Malignancies

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Sidnei Epelman, Lorenzo Leonchini, Ian Magrath
Other INCTR Participants: Martine Raphael, Melissa Adde, Ian Magrath,
Collaborators: Valeria Colby, Staff of the Lacor Hospital
Branch(es): AMCC, Brussels,
Location: Single Country
Institutions: Lacor Hospital;
Background Information: Many haematological neoplasms are curable, or can be kept well controlled for many years (CML, CLL), using drugs alone
Objectives: Treat CLL with drugs which are able to put patients into complete remission and keep them in that status for long periods of time
Methods: A randomised clinical trial will be conducted to determine duration of active suppression of leukemic cell growth
Progress: Trial not begun yet, but given that it can be an effective agent for two slowly progressive diseases, and assuming that complications can be effectively, these would be ideal agents for testing newly diagnosed patients.
Future Plans: Discuss the possibility of such a study with the Directlor of Lahor hospital
Duration: 2 years
Month: 01
Year: 2016
Last Update: 12/2016

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