Improving diagnostics in pathology and hematology in Ethiopia

Program: Pathology
Coordinators: Nina Horowitz
Other INCTR Participants:
Branch(es): INCTR Brussels
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Ethiopia
Institutions: Black Lion's Hospital, Addis Ababa
Background Information: Pathologic and Hematologic diagnostics not reliable due to lack in well trained pathologists and hematologists and to poor quality of preparations
Objectives: To achieve the highest possible standard of diagnosis using simple and affordable methods and keeping costs as low as possible.
Raising the standards of local pathologists, bematologists and technicians
Methods: 1. Onsite evaluation of the local situation and assessment of needs
2. Optimal and efficient use of existing facilities
3.Introduction of cytochemical stains for DD of acute leukenias
4.Online consultations by experts, using ipath
5.Regular online case conferences as a means of CME and training ( twice a months)
6. Regular onsite visits to assess the progress.
Progress: Improvement of diagnosis within 6 months
securing correct diagnosis before treatment
Improved communication between clinicians and pathologists.
Improved credibility of pathologists
Future Plans: gradual introduction of immunohistochemical stains, and flow cytometry setting up an online tumor board
Duration: several years
Last Update: 10/2012

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