INCTR (Brussels) 2014

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Melissa Adde
Other INCTR Participants: Ian Magrath
Collaborators: Martin Ogwang, Lacor Hospital, Gulu, Uganda
Emma Seaford, Nick Seaford, sabbatical UK
Branch(es): INCTR Challenge Fund
Location: Single Continent
Country(s): Africa
Institutions: Bugando Medical Center
St Marry's Hospital, Lacor
Oluwelu Obufeme University, Nigeria.
Background Information: This project consists of multiple case series, each in a different hospital in Africa.
Objectives: To Improve Treatment Results of Burkitt Lymphoma
Methods: Basically, this project consists of training and education in Equatorial Africa to enable at least tertiary hospitals to sensitize, urgently diagnose and treat and follow up patients with BL.
Progress: Close to 900 patients have been treated. Survival rates vary in individual hospitals with, in theory, the same protocol (from 40% to 70%).
Future Plans: We plan to explore reasons for this (e.g., delays in making diagnosis, delays in patients reaching a hospital capable of treating and documenting patients with BL and develop approaches to either have the patient seen locally, or hospital staff members tracking patients who live far away. We shall need to explore the efficacy of mobile phones, and how to improve access to care.
Duration: Indefinite
Publications: First in British Journal of Cancer
Month: 12
Year: 2014
Last Update:

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