iPath as a Platform for Support for Technologists

Program: Pathology
Coordinators: Nina Hurwitz
Other INCTR Participants: INCTR Pathology Program
Branch(es): INCTR Brussels
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Kenya
Institutions: Kenyatta National Hospital
Background Information: Technologists need advice in many technical matters in order to prepare high quality preparations, which are a prerequisite for diagnosis in pathology and hematology. They also need follow up after trainings in new methodologies, in case of difficulties to intruduce them in their institutions.
Objectives: To provide support on ipath for technologists to improve the already existing techniques and for the introduction of new techniques. This platform should serve as a national and international platform for dialogue between technologists
Methods: Images of preparations are uploaded on ipath together with the staining protocol for advice by expert technologists.
Progress: After training in cytochemistry for DD of leukemias at the hematopathology tutorial in Kenya 2011 online advice has been given on the staining quality uploaded on ipath.
Future Plans: to extend this program to technologistsin peripheral hositals in Kenya
Duration: 5 years
Last Update: March 2013

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