Kenyan National Pathology Network

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Nina Hurwitz
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: Kenyatta National Hospital
Branch(es): INCTR Brussels
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Kenya
Institutions: Kenyatta National Hospital
Background Information: Pathologists working in peripheral hospitals in Kenya as in many other african countries are usually young and not very experienced. They do not have access to consultations or to CME. This program should be a valuable adjunct to standard training in the interpretation of cytological preparations in hematology
Objectives: to establish a national pathology network using ipath, in order to link departments of pathology in the periphery with the Kenyatta National Hospital. the pathologists from there will provide consultations for their colleagues in the periphery. When specialists opinions are needed, members of the INCTR International Faculty will provide the consultations.
Methods: The Kenyatta National Hospital is equipped for the use of ipath, so are several other hospitals in the country, such as the Department of Pathology, Kisumu Hospital and the Department of Pathology, Moi University Eldoret.
Cases discussed at meeting of local pathologists in Nairobi are uploaded on ipath, to be studied online by patholoists who do not have the opportunity to attend the meetings as means of CME.
Progress: Cases have been uploaded for consultations from both departments mentioned above.
Future Plans: An onsite evluation of needs of other hospitas through out Kenya is planned to enable them to join the project.
Duration: 5 years
Last Update: March 2013

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