Open Educational Resources for Cancer

Program: Bibliography
Coordinators: Larry Lessin, Ian Magrath, Mark Lodge
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: MERLOT, Madhavan Pillae,
Branch(es): USA, Brussels
Location: Multiple Continent
Country(s): All countries
Institutions: INCTR, MERLOT, AccrossWorld, Indo-US Oncology Society
Background Information: The purpose of OERC is to create and make available to developing countries (at no cost to the user) a central access point for knowledge sharing in the realm of education for cancer control, diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention. The access would be directed at education of medical and nursing students, trainees, physicians, nurses, as well as caregivers and patients.
Objectives: 1. Provide on-line educational materials to a variety of health care providers which can be used for learning or as tools for teachers
2. To include standard curricula for various health care professionals that can be used as a basis for developing local curricula
3. To provide
Methods: MERLOT has provided access for OERC to its major open educational website, OERC to act as the major provider for cancer related materials. PowerPoint presentations or documents must already have a web-location. If necessary, INCTR's Portal, which has an easily accessible OERC site can be used.
Progress: Over 370 presentations and documents have been added; 50 MERLOT members list cancer as their primary area of interest; 911 health care professionals are registered with MERLOT.
Future Plans: Continue to develop the cancer-related materials. Potentially, initiate workshops to discuss the further development ofthis site.
Duration: Indefinite
Publications: Article in Cancer Control 2013
Month: 10
Year: 2012
Last Update: 10/2012

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