Palliative Care Program, Hyderabad (2012)

Program: Palliative Care
Coordinators: Gayatri Palat
Other INCTR Participants: Sutar Brown, Fraser Black, Doug Ennals, Virginia le Baron
Collaborators: Director, NJ Institute of Oncology and RCC, Hyderabad
Raj Gopal
Branch(es): INCTR CANADA
Location: Single Country
Country(s): India
Institutions: MNJ Institute of Oncology & RCC, Hyderabad
Pallium, India
Background Information: Development of a full modern palliative care program in main cancer centre for state of Andra Pradesh. Clinical, educational and advocacy initiatives. Home care and village programs.
Objectives: Ongoing development of above & postgraduate (MD) program in Palliative Medicine
Methods: This project is a blend of clinical service, education and advocacy. The service has a very busy out patient department and in patient consultation service. it also supports home based urban and pilot village projects that are integrated with the program at MNJ.
Progress: Excellent progress with increasing numbers of patients treated.
Eleven thousand palliative consultations were carried out in 2011.
There have been ongoing month long education courses for doctors and nurse from all over India and internationally.
Experience from this program has resulted in the government of Andra Pradesh recognizing palliative care and is increasingly supporting this as an entity within its health care mandate.
The program has provided advice to centres in Nagpur, Delhi & Uttarakhand regarding palliative care as well as having interactions at the federal government level. For more detailed information click on "files" in the menu below and open the relevant files.
Future Plans: Development of Institute of Palliative Medicine as regional centre of excellence
Duration: Indefinite
Last Update: 10-20-2012

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