Palliative Care and Pain Control in Francophone sub-Saharan Africa (2013)

Program: Palliative Care
Coordinators: Laure Copel
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: Sabine Perrier-Bonnet
Dominique Chatelet
APAAC - Aidons les Personnes Atteintes ou Affectées par le Cancer
Hospice Africa France
Hospice Uganda
AFSOS (Association Francophone des Soins Oncologiques de Support)
Branch(es): AMCC, INCTR French Branch
Location: Single Continent
Country(s): Mali, Cameroon, Ivory Coast
Institutions: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Gabriel Toure, Bamako, Mali
Hopital du Point G, Bamako, Mali
Background Information:
Objectives: Improve access to palliative care services in French speaking African countries and improve access to opioids.
Methods: Establishment of PC centers of reference that can offer good palliative care services to cancer patients and also serve as PC training centers for the region.
Progress: Translation in French of the INCTR Palliative Care Handbook with partial support from OSI.

PC mission and training in Bamako in November 2011 that lead to the creation of a PC national committee in Mali. Full report is attached.

In partnership with AMCC, Hospice Africa (Soins Palliatifs ) France (HASPF) is organizing its second Francophone intensive course in palliative care from 15 April to 17 May 2013 at Hospice Africa Ugand a in Kampala. Further informaiton is provided under meetings/courses.
Future Plans: Palliative Care Awareness days in Abidjan in September 2013
AMCC session on Palliative Care in French speaking Africa at the AFSOS conference in 2014
Duration: Indefinite
Month: 04
Year: 2013
Last Update: April 2013

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