Palliative Care in Nepal (2012)

Program: Palliative Care
Coordinators: Stuart Brown
Other INCTR Participants: Robin Love
Branch(es): NNCTR, INCTR Canada
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Nepal
Institutions: Multiple, including: NAPCare; Bhaktaphur Cancer Centre, BP Koirala Cancer Centre, Baratphur
Background Information: Over a decade of collaboration developing palliative care in Nepal. Twinning arrangements set up between institutions in Nepal and Canada. Ongoing training and advocacy as arranged by NNCTR.
Objectives: To increase population coverage as regards palliative care in Nepal; especially to regions and rural areas.
Methods: Recent meeting (April 2012) engaging many parties involved in palliative care in Nepal.
Discussions with government ongoing regarding the integration of palliative medicine into national health program. Dr Love and other INCTR faculty such Dr Fraser Black and Doug Ennals travel to Nepal at least once per year.
Progress: Have undertaken multiple training visits to Nepal and are in the process of establishing curricula for various health care providers who wish to become more expert in palliative care.
Several thousand patients with advanced cancer and severe symptoms have been treated over the past five years at a number of different sites
Future Plans: Training of future professional leaders in palliative medicine in Nepal. Increased capacity for treating patients with advanced cancer and other diseases.
Duration: Indefinite
Month: October
Year: 2012
Last Update: 10/2012

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