Pathology Program Annual Summary 2013

Program: Pathology
Coordinators: Lorenzo Leoncini, Manzoor Ahmed, Nina Hurwitz, Martine Raphael, Kikkeri Naresh,
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: Patologi oltre frontier (APOF), Italian
Shaheen Sayed, Aga Khan Hospital, Kenya
Location: Single Continent
Country(s): Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon
Background Information:
Objectives: - Improve standards of practice in cancer diagnosis
- Improve pathology infrastructure in countries with limited resources
- Develop network of pathologists to optimize technology transfer
Develop pathology based collaborative projects
Methods: - Workshops
- Formulate and implement standards for diagnosis and classification.
- Online consultation and continuining education on pathology iPath
- Development of a a robust second opinion or referral service for diagnostically difficult cases
- Pathology research program
- Funding approach
Progress: Central pathology review for all patients entered into INCTR’s study 03-06 of Burkitt lymphoma, 2009
Workshops, tutorial and meetings:
What can we learn from Africa?
New insights to lymphoma classification, heterogeneity, molecular epidemiology & biology
Certosa di Pontignano, Siena, Italy 7,8 may 2010
What can we learn from Africa?
New insights to classification, epidemiology, biology and research
Institut Curie ,Paris, France 9-10 May, 2011
INCTR tutorial in Hematopathology
Dar es Salam, Nairobi Septmber 2011
Lymphomas-3rd International Meeting on What can we learn from Africa?
Mombasa, Kenya , 31January -2 February, 2013
Future Plans: Develop centres of excellence
Telepathology , virtual university. E-learning
Visiting faculty and annual reviews.
Encourage international collaboration and research
Last Update: April 2013

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