Pediatric Oncology Programme 2016

Program: Pediatric Oncology
Coordinators: Melissa Adde, Sidnei Epelman
Other INCTR Participants: Claudia Epelman (Psychosocial care)
Collaborators: Sidnei Epelman (Director)
Pierre Bey (Director)
Branch(es): INCTR, INCTR Brasil
Location: Multiple Continent
Country(s): Brasil
Institutions: Santa Marcelina, Sao Paolo
Background Information: From the outset, INCTR has been involved in working with colleagues in developing countries to improve the care of oediatric cancers. There are three focal points to these studies: 1. Brazil, where there is a special interest in brain tumours 2.retinoblastoma, Francophone Africa, where the goal is to improve the care of patients with retinoblastoma and 3. East Africa, where the principal scientific interest has been to improve care in Burkitt lymphoma. In Brazil, the program is managed by Dr Sidnei Epelman with funding developed by TUCCA, the reference hospital is Santa Marcelina. This provides a broad range of care for children with cancer, as well as psychosocial care (Claudia Epelman). Mothers are taught how to cook nutritious food which is not costly; there is a hostel that can accommodate 3 families and patients are also flown in to the hospital from regions in Brasil where there are no cancer treatment facilities. Patients with retinoblastoma -which appears to be more common in poor rural regions can be adequately treated in only 3 reference centers in Brazil.
Objectives: 1. Maintain a high standard of care, inclusing social services to patients from a large area in Eastern Sao Paolo where some 7 million families have access to only a single hospital (Santa Marcelina.
2. Provide training in pediatric oncology
3. Provide general care and chemotherapy to all pediatric oncology patients
4. Demonstrate that sufficient funding can be gained by organized fund-raising attempts (including switching off the lights on 3 famous outdoor sculptures to draw attention to the programs
Future Plans:
Duration: Indefinite
Year: 2016
Last Update: 01/2016

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