Training of Pediatric Oncologists in Ethiopia

Program: Pediatric Oncology
Coordinators: Aziza Shad, Mary Louise Cohen
Other INCTR Participants: Melissa Adde, Julia Challinor
Collaborators: Tikkut Anbessa Hospital
Govt. of Ethiopia
Branch(es): INCTR USA
Location: Single Country
Country(s): Ethiopia
Institutions: Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa
Background Information: INCTR has an agreement with the Govt. of Ethiopia to improve pediatric oncology at the Black Lion Hospital
Objectives: 1. Develop a pediatric oncology unit
2. Develop standard protocols for the treatment of all pediatric cancers
3. Develop a curriculum for a pediatric oncology fellowship
4. Ensure sustainability over time, through development of teachers in Ethiopia
Methods: Use external experts (INCTR Faculty Members) to develop treatment protocols and a fellowship program. Appoint a pediatric oncologist to take care of patients and be the focal point for training and education
Progress: Standardized Protocols for all major pediatric cancers have been developed. A Pediatric oncologist to be on-site for at least several years has been appointed.
Several Faculty Members have visited Black Lion Hospital and provided teaching - both formal and informal. A curriculum has been completed and submitted to the University of Addis Ababa for approval for an MSc degree
Future Plans: Initiate Fellowship in Pediatric Oncology; develop a timetable of Faculty visits in order to ensure that curriculum components are all covered
Duration: Indefinite
Last Update: 10/2012

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