Treatment of ALL in India

Program: Clinical Studies
Coordinators: Melissa Adde, Ian Magrath
Other INCTR Participants:
Collaborators: Shripad Banavali
Sameer Bahkshi
TG Sagar
V Shanta
Suresh Advani
Branch(es): Brussels
Location: Single Country
Country(s): India
Institutions: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Tata Memorial Center, Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai
Background Information: INCTR has worked with Indian colleagues since its inception (and even before) on the treatment of ALL in various centers in India. This has led to dissemination of the first protocol used throughout India. The last study was an attempt to improve survival in the very high risk patients seen in India.
Objectives: 1. Improve survival rate in ALL
2. Assess the value of added vincristine, prednisone and asparaginase in this regard
3. Continue to train various members of the research teams in India regarding data collection, manament and analysis
Methods: The present protocol was developed in discussion with colleagues in India based on toxicity and efficacy of the previous protocol and information from groups in the US (Harvard) and Holland suggesting that additional V, P and A were valuable in increasing the survival rate.
Progress: 454 patients have been accrued to the protocol since it was implemented in2004. Data on immunophenotype and socioeconomic status have also been collected. The data has now matured to the point where it can be analyzed. Preliminary information suggests a much higher proportion have T cell disease in rural versus urban regions. It is also suggests that patients who are poor often suffer more remission deaths - regardless of whether they live in a rural or urban area. This will require further exploration.
Future Plans: Analyze data in detail to determine pros and cons compared to protocol MCP841.
Duration: One additional year. It is hoped that a new study will be commenced in 2013
Last Update: April 2013

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