Add a New Faculty Member or Project

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Enter the name of the new Faculty Member and click on the button:

Enter the name of the new project or progress report (year) and click on the button:

Enter the title of the Meeting and click on the button:

Enter the title of the Branch Report and click on the button:

Uploading an Image to Your Profile, project, or meeting

Please note that one or several images (depending on the category) can be uploaded to the form, ideally, a passport-type picture of the member or larger size picture relating to a project or meeting. The image should be given the same name as the member, project or meeting, but all spaces should be filled by a hyphen. For example, if John Smith is creating a new entry for himself, in the space on the form for inserting an image, he can:

1. Click on "browse" to access files in his own computer
2. Rename the required image if necessary to john-smith.jpg or john-smith.tiff and
3. Click on "open" to upload the file.

You can also add additional documents as files by clicking on files at the bottom of the page on which the project or meeting is described and follow the instructions. Thus, project or meeting reports in a different format can be made available as individual documents.

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